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To whom it may concern, We really need some help! We purchased a Camper from Campers INN in Merrimack, NH.

We were very excited about all of this and the kids were excited as well. We also traded our other camper in with them. Which sold right away and had no issues at all. So once we signed and purchased a camper the issues all started right away.

We kept being told that they are cleaning it and fixing all the issues they promised so it would be a little longer before we could come for the Demo/Pickup day. As we are all excited to go do our walk through it all starts. We walked in and the SMELL was horrible. Someone who Campers Inn is blaming the cleaning company- Took a *** in our toilet of the camper we havent even used yet with no water in Tank.

Also after having to take the baby out of the camper due to the smell I took a walk through. It still WASNT cleaned. They didnt fix anything that was promised by Mark our sales man and Dave Hursh who personally went over all this with my husband before we showed up for the demo we had his word it would be Better than ever. I Noticed not only was the things fixed we discussed I see more damage.

They blame the Cleaning company for that as well. As I go give service our other Camper key the gentlemen at the desk was so Rude... Hello I was already in tears over the experience we just went through with the camper. SO moving forward couldnt take camper home again!!

Weeks after purchase still No camper. Was given paperwork that all parts were on order and cleaning will be DONE. So after checking in a lot and getting the same answers parts are on order. I call WE Care.

They finally assign Kory to us. Kory tells us that even know we have been told parts were on order and we had been waiting weeks already. In FACT nothing had been ordered or done yet. SO he promised to make this right for us.

SO the lies , stories etc., WHY all we did was Purchase a camper from them to make family memories that have already started out poorly. Fast forward so the day my husband goes to pick up the camper while we wait for parts, he noticed it STILL hadnt been cleaned at all. Most of the parts still on backorder (IF EVEN ORDERED). In total we used this camper less the 3 times and each time found another issue.

Also in between these issues we get a call from the Triangle credit union that we will be reported if we dont make a payment. I called and couldnt believe it ..WE did all the paperwork CORRECLTY with Campers INN and they messed it up and didnt provide the credit play the correct information. SO I had to work on that with them to make sure we didnt have Campers Inn's Mistake on our credit report. Water Issue Call: So I called and talked to Linda regarding the Newest Issue, After calling WE CARE/Kelly first and being told they will get this right in and looked at right away..

I also told Linda we NEED to have my husband look inside once they open it all so we can make sure there is NO mold at all due to me having a lung disease. Also said PLEASE have pictures taken. So now we have a WATER issue underneath the camper it has been with Campers INN since 8/1 and calls back and forth and my husband going there to help them and look at it. We also took Video and pictures right away when we first saw it leaking.

It was POURING out from the bottom where our bedroom is. My husband released some water to look as well and everything was soaked underneath. So they have it & STILL tell us they can't figure it out. But as we are told the WHOLE bottom is off , Wet insulation is all out and No wood was wet.

So we got a lot of stories already and they kept telling us they can't figure it out. Next day they call and state it is all set. That is was a leak under the outside kitchen and they replaced everything underneath. Ok so again my husband goes to get it.

As he arrives he sees the camper in the lot. So he looks at it. Noticed they taped it and ONLY at the end were my bedroom was they never Removed the rest of the moisture barrier SO how did they FIX the LEAK? So Bryan touched up underneath and it was still soaked and so was all the insulation and WOOD.

SO he goes in gets Kory and Brendon and they try to tell stories about it being all set. HELLO water was everywhere underneath and they told ME that it was all replaced and Not wet but it was still in the same condition. Bryan goes in the camper and noticed the Water Pump was burning hot and left on. So the Motor had been burning out.

Kory tells Bryan they NEVER touched the water Pump. After back & Forth of them telling Bryan LIES he leaves and leaves the camper there because it isnt fixed. He looks over and they are trying to TAPE up a Slit under camper BRYAN is like WHY would you Tape it that is KEEPING the moisture in and we need it OUT The moisture barrier holds the moisture out but because it has water in it already it will keep it in! SO they were really rude and we are nervous to even leave our camper there now.

WE have tried calling the Managers / Owners / WE CARE ETC We need help. WE spent a lot of Money on this Camper that they keep giving us the RUN around on and STILL not making family memories but be *** sure we still have to pay for the camper and the trips we can't make due to the problems that keep happening. NONE of this would have gone on if they were honest with us and treated us like the CUSTOMER not like they have been. Please help us get the help we deserve and the camper we paid for in the EXCELLENT condition we were promised !!

I do have Video of the water Pouring out. Also have all the documents which have lies on them-from Campers INN. I PRAY there lines are recorded because the TRUTH will come out...

Please help us, I am really not sure what else I Can do? There is so many more things but this was long enough so you get the idea of what we have gone through?

Review about: Rv.

Reason of review: Most of the Above & more.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Give us the Camper you SOLD US with it all corrected. & repair the camper correctly and stop treating us like we did something wrong... Or TAKE THE CAMPER Back and give us our MONEY back!.

I didn't like: Misleading information, Being lied too and disrespected.

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